Can Foreigners From Africa Play and Win the US Lottery?


The answer is that you are fully qualified to play and receive prizes in case you win anywhere in the world, even if you buy US lottery tickets in Vietnam. US law almost does not prohibit anyone from playing their lottery as long as you are over 18t and actually buy that ticket.
Can foreigners play and win the US lottery?
Who can play Mega Millions, Powerball and other US lotteries?
You can buy US lottery tickets, win Powerball and Mega Millions  lottery (the same lottery as Vietlott ) and collect your jackpot regardless of your US residency status.

Although there is an age limit (you must be at least 18 to play), you can purchase tickets in any state that provides lottery even if you are not a US citizen or you do not live in a cottage The state sells tickets, or even if you don’t live in this country.

lottery – Foreigners US Lottery

And of course, because non-Americans are eligible to buy tickets, they are also eligible to receive bonuses if they win. However, be aware that the place you live will affect what happens when you win. For example, different states have different rules about whether the lottery winner can remain anonymous. Countries outside the United States have different laws about how the lottery prize is taxed and the amount of money retained from your winnings. If you win, be sure to consult with a tax expert for more information.

Can you buy US lottery tickets from outside the United States?
Although non-American residents can participate and win the lottery, there is a note: your ticket must actually be legally purchased in the United States . Buying lottery tickets via the internet or by mail is illegal (except for some exceptions, such as the purchase of online lottery tickets that allow employees to buy tickets directly at the issuing agent for customers. their).

Online lottery tickets –

This is very important to keep in mind because many lottery scams trick people into believing that they have won lottery from abroad. You can only win a foreign lottery if you buy a ticket when you are in that country or through an intermediary who buys a household to own the ticket. If not, you can throw those scams.

There are also phishing sites that will take your money and promise to buy lottery tickets for you. Approach these sites carefully and be sure to check the company carefully before delivering any money. Performing an internet search for the company’s name along with the word “phishing” is a necessary step if you want to use this service.

Can illegal immigrants win the US lottery? for Foreigners US Lottery
Since there is no residence limit on who can buy US lotteries , illegal immigrants can buy tickets and can claim their winnings. However, declaring winning a lottery can make an illegal immigrant expose their situation and feel vulnerable to expulsion.

For example, in 2011, Jose Antonio Cua-Toc won a lottery worth $ 750,000 and was afraid to declare because he had no legal status. When he asked his boss to give him a name to help him, he kept the money for himself.

legal –

However, winning a lottery can make it easier to get a green card (legal residence card in the US). If you are an undocumented immigrant and you have a winning lottery, you should consult a legal expert before accepting your prize.

Can criminals win lottery jackpot prizes in the United States?
The rules vary from state to state, but in most cases criminals can legally purchase lottery tickets and win jackpots.

In December 2014, a rare story happened to Timothy Poole, who won more than $ 2 million with Florida Super Millions scratch lottery.

Poole was convicted in 1999 for sexually assaulting a nine-year-old boy, a friend of his family. Poole claims to be innocent but the ruling, which includes more than a year in prison and identifies as a sex crime.

Florida Lottery does not have any restrictions regarding the criminal background of the participants, which means Poole will receive an amount of $ 2,219,807.90.

Many people were horrified to think that a sex offender could receive such a huge prize. Regarding the article mentioned above, Toni Tommasi commented: “It seems that made me doubt the existence of God.”

While some people think it’s wrong that sex killers and criminals can win millions of dollars from the state, others find it unfair to prevent someone from playing lottery if they have pay for your crimes.

However, there is a good side when a criminal wins a lottery; It is that it can provide victims with a way to receive compensation or compensation in a civil trial. It is difficult for a criminal to declare that he or she cannot pay when they have publicly won the jackpot.

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